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Q: what should I do when I involved an accident?
A: first of all, see if someone injure, if yes please call 911 and request ambulance.
Second, you need information exchange, like get another driver’s personal info, contact info and car info.
Third, try your best find witness and get witness contact info. Also write down where and when.
Last step, report claim. After everything settle down, then report claim. You do have lots of time to report claim, not necessary to report it immediately.

Q: Where do I get my claim number?
A: A claim number will be issued to you by your insurance company (usually ICBC) when you report your accident. Then you need bring this claim number to body shop when you want repair your car.

Q: Can I have other work performed to my car while it is at the body shop?
A: Absolutely. This is probably the best time to have additional work done, due to the fact that the work can be combined at a lesser cost. Just let us know what you need done and we will accommodate your needs.

Q: Can I get a courtesy car?
A: When you purchased your insurance policy, you may have opted for rental car coverage that will pay for your rental. If it is ICBC claim and it was not your fault and you also purchased your own collision then we can help you rent a new courtesy car for free. Otherwise, Effective Auto Body do provide courtesy car for free but need see first priority. So if you must need courtesy car please make an appointment with us first.

Q: What effect does frame damage have on my vehicles repairs?
A: Frame damage can be returned to original factory specifications using our computerized frame machines and technicians that have been trained to use that equipment.

Q: How will I know when my car is ready?
A: You will be contacted by phone when your repairs are done.

Q: How should I care for my new paint job?
A: While the paint is still fresh (first 60 days) avoid parking your vehicle anywhere that substances could come in contact with it. This includes under trees, where bird droppings or sap could fall on the new paint. If droppings sap, or bug splatters do get on your vehicle, they should be washed off as soon as possible due to their acidic effect. Be careful when adding fluids (gas, oil, etc.) to your vehicle. The chemicals in the fluids could damage the new paint. Do not use a scraper on any of the paint. When washing your vehicle within the first 60 days, do not use a commercial car wash. Their equipment can cause damage. Using a mild car wash soap (NOT household detergent) and clean fresh water, hand-wash your vehicle with a clean soft wash mitt or sponge. Make sure your vehicle’s surface is cool to the touch and is in the shade to avoid water spots. Waxing is not recommended within these first 60 days, but should become a regular part of your vehicle maintenance after this period. We suggest waxing your vehicle at least 3 times a year.

Q: What is warranty for my car repair?
A: For the parts, OEM and preprice provide 1 year warranty. For painting we provide whole life warranty.

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